The New Lobster Phenom

Most Tennis Ball Machine Machines have optional extras available to buy at the time of purchase or at a later stage, when you've 'grown out' of you current machine but would rather enhance the model you've got.

One such upgrade enhances your battery life on portable machines. External heavy duty batteries can be attached to many machines to lengthen court time available for those that like an extended practice session. Smart battery chargers that automatically shut off when your ball machine battery is charged are a good idea as well, to lengthen the life of your battery and avoid overcharging.

Common upgrades to basic models include the addition of an oscillating unit or ball-spin facility for more variety of shot making, and a wireless remote for some basic functions like on/off feed and oscillation to save the need to constantly return to the base unit. Remotes for top-end ball machines can have multiple functions and enable access to many programs and drills.